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In this world — especially in marketing and product promotion — there's hype and there's substance. You can probably recognize which is which pretty quickly. And, so can your audience. We believe there are two ways this distinction has a profound effect on how we do business.

First, we believe our clients are paying for substance, not window dressing. We've built our business on serving clients who wouldn't throw money away at a typical high-priced, high-overhead agency. If you're having a campaign designed, should you also be paying for their million-dollar interior designer? Don't pay for illusions. Pay for great work and service you can trust.

We are committed to being lean and mean and wildly talented. We keep our overhead low so you (and we) don't have to pay for it. That's just a better value for all concerned.

Secondly, your message and the products developed to deliver it are about substance — real content that means something to the audience. We're out to change the way people think about your products, your services, your business. That's why you hire us. We believe that the medium can be hugely powerful, but it is not the message. In other words, we refuse to put together a bunch of hollow, flashy eye candy and tell you how great it is. We all read The Emperor's New Clothes when we were kids and it made an impression. Great visual communication, on screen or in print, is about substance, not glitz. Our work is intended to pick up a reader or viewer, take him on a little journey, and set him back down a changed person. Can flash and bang and great visual effects help that process? Absolutely, but not without true substance. That's effective communication.

Every project we take on begins with an exploration process. We spend focused time with you learning about your business, your products, your services, your markets, your goals and your desired outcomes. Only then can we truly serve your needs and accomplish your objectives. We've proven it time and again. It works. Contact us. We'll show you how.